Utility Bill Auditing

80% of organizations are being overcharged on their utility bills.


Of organizations are overcharged for their utility expenses and are entitled to a refund.

We find billing overcharges, correct the errors, and get your money back.

The first step for any organization to successfully reduce their utility expenses is to perform a utility bill audit. By eliminating billing discrepancies and overcharges on the utility bill, not only are you adding cash-flow to your bottom-line, but you are ensuring that any efficiency projects are applied to an accurate invoice.

On average, 80% of organizations are overcharged on their utility expenses due to calculation errors and discrepancies billed by the providers. Since the liability of reporting discrepancies lies with the customer and most findings are subject to a statute of limitations, it is crucial for large diverse organizations to have an outside company with national experience verify the accuracy of their invoice to prevent the loss of any additional monies.

Audits For Billing Accounts Of All Utilities

National Utilities Refund specializes in auditing utility billing expenses for refundable discrepancies and errors.  We are able to audit the following types of utility bills:

Electricity Bill Audits

Natural Gas Bill Audits

Water / Sewer Bill Audits

Waste / Trash Bill Audits

Simple. Accurate. Risk-Free.

NUR’s unique approach requires minimal client involvement. We have a one-page audit agreement and a letter of authorization. Then, just send us copies of your most recent bills for every utility account and sit back and relax as our comprehensive offsite audit handles the rest. From analyzing historical usage for refundable overcharges to verifying contract discrepancies and removing unnecessary charges. We’ll provide you peace of mind in knowing that your invoices are 100% accurate and cost-efficient.

Simple and stress-free approach.


Get Started

Return our audit agreement & letter of authorization, then simply provide one bill copy for each utility account and a copy of any utility agreements.

Our Audit

Our team will perform the utility audit off-site. We work with the utility company to retrieve historic data.

Findings Process

The audit takes between 6-8 weeks. When we uncover a finding, we present it in a preliminary report for your review.

You're In Charge

You are always in the driver's seat. We will implement the findings that you approve and handle all follow-up paperwork with the utility provider.

Discrepancy Impact Analysis

We will pull the utility invoice from the provider to confirm that the discovered discrepancy was corrected. We then calculate exactly how this impacted your bottom line.

Final Report

A final report will summarize the findings implemented and the financial impact for your organization.

No Risk. No Obligation. No Pressure. No Sales Pitch.

There is absolutely no risk on your behalf. Our audits are performed on a contingency fee basis. If we are not successful – if you don’t save – you don’t pay. There is nothing to lose – but much to be gained!

Common Utility Bill Audit Findings

Due to complex utility rate structures, oftentimes billing errors will occur on an invoice and remain unnoticed because most errors are less than 10% of the average charge. However, these errors can remain on the bill for years and become incorporated into your monthly utility budget. Errors in tariff and tax classifications, meter readings, charges for non-existing services, complex billing codes will accrue month after month if they are not fixed on the user’s end. The coding and language used by the providers is industry-specific, making it virtually impossible for an accounts payable department to effectively review the invoices.

  • Incorrect meter classifications
  • Electric meter malfunctions
  • Time-of-use metering options
  • Sales tax and surcharge discrepancies
  • Meter Totalization
  • Energy supplier pass-through charges
  • Irrigation and cooling tower credits
  • Drainage and stormwater discrepancies
  • Please provide one more item here

Don't Let Your Utility Bill Refunds Expire!

Our utility bill audit will go back anywhere between 36-48 to recapture discrepancies billed in error by the utility providers.  However, these errors are subject to the State and utility statute of limitations, so don’t risk letting your refunds expire and have our team perform a utility bill audit for your company today!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about utility bill audits & refunds.

How do I know if I am being overcharged or have errors?

Over 80% of the invoice audits performed by NUR have contained at least some overcharges and errors.  The only way to know if you are being overcharged or if your bills contain errors is to perform an audit by a utility specialist or the overcharges will continue to accrue.

Can my accounts payable department perform the audit?

Utility and telecom charges are coded into several different languages specific to the Industry; therefore, it is virtually impossible to review the bills for accuracy unless the auditor is trained in the field.  Only trained utility specialists who understand how to decode and translate the utility billing language will be able to effectively audit the bills for accuracy and communicate with the utility provider to correct the errors.

Who is eligible to have a utility audit performed?

Any commercial business, non-profit, municipality, or facility that has been billed a utility expense for at least 1 year.

Are there any obligations to have an audit performed?

No.  At the end of the audit we will present a findings report.  The client has final say over what reductions and refunds they would like to move forward with.

If errors are found not in my favor, will they be reported?

No.  We will not report any errors found that have the potential to increase your utility expenses.  We will notify the client of these errors, however, we strictly audit to benefit the client.