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In a state where utility costs can significantly impact operational budgets, our team of experienced auditors offers comprehensive analyses and solutions tailored to the unique energy and utility challenges faced by Alaskan businesses and government entities. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of local utility regulations, tariffs, and billing practices to identify overcharges, optimize utility usage, and uncover potential savings, ensuring that our clients in Alaska not only reduce their utility expenses but also enhance their energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

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When you contact National Utilities Refund for a utility bill audit, our team of industry experts will evaluate your payments, analyze your services, and look for ways to remove errors, overcharges, and unnecessary charges. We will also obtain utility refunds on historical billing issues. Many utility companies have specific clauses and subsections that affect the final bill but that can be difficult to spot with the untrained eye.

Our team of experts will perform your audit off-site so that our services are non-intrusive. You won’t have to rearrange your schedule to accommodate our audits so you can stay focused on your daily responsibilities while we analyze your utility bills.

Electricity Bill Audits

Utility invoices and third-party power supplier bills.

Telecom provider, telecom rates, and billing errors.

Natural Gas Bill Audits

Commodity rates and natural gas tariff schedules.

Water / Sewer Bill Audits

Often overlooked, these bills contain many errors.

We can help negotiate better rates or identify errors.

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We can help you secure tax credits for product development.

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National Utilities Refund is so committed to your satisfaction that our services are done with zero out-of-pocket costs to you. After our audit is complete, if we don’t find any ways to save you money or obtain a utility refund, you won’t owe us a penny. We stand by our work and are committed to finding you money-saving solutions.

No matter the size or complexity of your business, we have a team of diverse industry experts that understand the bills you pay in connection to your business’ services and can find ways for you to save.


Alaska Utility Companies

Alaska’s unique geographical and climatic conditions present distinct challenges and opportunities for utility companies operating within the state. From electricity to waste management, these companies play a crucial role in maintaining the state’s infrastructure. Additionally, understanding the tax regulations governing these utilities is essential for residents and businesses in Alaska.

Electricity Providers

In Alaska, electric utility companies face the unique challenge of providing reliable power across some of the most remote and rugged terrains in the United States. Key players like Chugach Electric Association and Golden Valley Electric Association are at the forefront, not only ensuring consistent electricity supply to areas like Anchorage and Fairbanks but also innovating with sustainable energy solutions suitable for the Alaskan environment.

Chugach Electric Association:
  • As one of the largest electric utilities in Alaska, Chugach Electric Association serves several regions, including Anchorage.
  • They focus on providing reliable service and are exploring sustainable energy options suitable for Alaska’s environment.
Golden Valley Electric Association::
  • Serving the interior region of Alaska, including Fairbanks, this company tackles the unique challenges of providing electricity in remote and rugged terrains.
  • They are known for their diverse energy portfolio, including renewable sources.

Natural Gas Providers

Natural gas utility companies in Alaska, such as ENSTAR Natural Gas Company and Fairbanks Natural Gas, play a crucial role in meeting the energy needs of this northern state. They provide essential natural gas services for heating and industrial purposes, particularly vital during Alaska’s long and harsh winters, ensuring both safety and reliability in their operations.

ENSTAR Natural Gas Company:
  • The primary natural gas provider in Southcentral Alaska, ENSTAR, supplies gas to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • They emphasize safety and reliability in their operations, crucial in Alaska’s extreme conditions.
Fairbanks Natural Gas:
  • Serving the Fairbanks area, this company provides a vital energy source for heating and industrial use, especially during harsh Alaskan winters.

Water Utility Providers

In Alaska, water utility companies like Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility (AWWU) and Fairbanks Water and Sewer are tasked with the critical responsibility of providing safe and reliable water services in a challenging environment. These organizations employ advanced technologies and sustainable practices to manage water and wastewater effectively, ensuring consistent quality and supply despite the state’s unique climatic and geographical conditions.

Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility (AWWU):
  • AWWU is responsible for providing water and wastewater services to the Anchorage area, focusing on quality and sustainability.
  • They employ advanced technologies to ensure the safety and reliability of water in the region.


Fairbanks Water and Sewer:
  • Catering to the Fairbanks municipality, this utility ensures consistent water supply and sewage services, adapting to the unique demands of the colder climate.

Telecommunication Providers

Telecommunications utility companies in Alaska, such as GCI and Alaska Communications, are pivotal in bridging the vast distances in this expansive state, providing essential connectivity services. They offer a range of solutions including broadband, mobile, and cable services, with a particular focus on extending reliable communication networks to Alaska’s remote and rural communities, overcoming significant geographical challenges.

  • GCI is a major player in Alaska’s telecommunication sector, offering internet, cable TV, and phone services.
  • They are notable for extending services to remote and rural communities, bridging the connectivity gap in the state.


Alaska Communications:
  • Providing broadband and other telecommunication services, Alaska Communications focuses on reliable connectivity solutions, essential in Alaska’s vast and often isolated landscape.

Trash or Waste Management

Waste management companies in Alaska, including Alaska Waste and various municipal waste services, are integral in addressing the unique environmental challenges of waste disposal and recycling in the region. These organizations implement innovative and sustainable strategies to manage waste effectively, ensuring that both urban and remote communities across the state maintain ecological balance and cleanliness.

Alaska Waste:
  • A key provider of waste collection and recycling services across many Alaskan communities.
  • Their operations include innovative solutions tailored to the unique challenges of waste management in Alaska.


Municipal Waste Services:
  • These services are often run by local governments in Alaska, ensuring effective waste collection and management in their respective areas.

Taxation of Utilities in Alaska

The Alaska Department of Revenue is the primary state tax authority, responsible for administering tax laws and overseeing the collection of various state taxes, including corporate income taxes from businesses operating within Alaska. Although Alaska does not have a statewide sales tax, the Department plays a critical role in managing other significant revenue streams, such as property taxes, ensuring fiscal stability and compliance throughout the state.

Sales Taxes and Utility Services:
  • Unlike many states, Alaska does not have a statewide sales tax; however, local municipalities may impose local sales taxes, which can include utilities.
  • The variation in local tax rates necessitates a tailored approach for businesses and residents in different areas.


Alaska Department of Revenue:
  • The Alaska Department of Revenue administers tax laws and collects taxes in the state, although sales tax collection is primarily managed at the local level.
  • The department also handles corporate income taxes, which include taxes from utility businesses operating within Alaska.

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