NUR Utility Refund Partner Program

Interested in getting into a billion-dollar industry? Want to differentiate yourself from the competition? Know customers who want utility refunds and lower utility expenses?

A great opportunity with a great company.

Our affiliates and partners provide utility refunds and remove erroneous/unnecessary monthly charges at no charge for their clients and businesses they know.  In hard economic times, companies are looking to exhaust every form of cost savings out of their bills, incorporate utility audits into your model to meet their demands.

Who are our ideal partners?

Our ideal partners are those who have existing relationships with commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations. Some of our partners indlude:


Providing the best utility refund program for over 12 years running!

National Utilities Refund has grown our utility refund business over the past decade through partnering with consultants across the country.  NUR has the strongest utility refund program available so consultants can easily integrate our utility bill audits into their existing service offers.  Utility refunds and cost-reductions will not only add an additional revenue stream to your business, but you will provide a great value add for your clients.  Our proprietary utility refund software will set your firm ahead of the competition and your customer retention will increase as you deliver utility refunds to your customer base.

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