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Worker's Compensation Audits

We deliver refunds for more than 85% of our clients.


Of National Utility Refund clients get a refund on overpaid worker's comp payments!

We find billing overcharges, correct the errors, and get your money back.

Our workers’ compensation experts can help you recover overpayments and permanently reduce your costs going forward. While most companies keep a watchful eye on their insurance costs and believe that it is under control our experts deliver refunds 85% of the time, in spite of the best efforts of our clients and their brokers

We perform extensive reviews of your Experience Rating calculations and the eight years of data used to determine the Ratings for the prior three periods. Often times correcting errors in the Experience Rating will lower it for the next two years as well.

Why perform a worker's compensation audit?

Significant Refund Of Overpaid Worker's Compensation Payments

The typical refund for NUR clients who have had a workman's compensation audit equal 12 to 15% of the premium reviewed.

Simple Payment Directly To You

After a National Utilities Refund audit identifies errors or overpayments, you get a check or credit directly from the carrier.

We Do All The Work For You

We work directly with your worker's compensation insurance broker to correct the errors made by the carrier or the rating bureau.

What will a workman's compensation audit accomplish?

  • Focus on the Experience Rating and payroll audit aspects of worker’s compensation premium calculations.
  • Examine the payroll exclusions (certain items that per manual rule are not to be included in the premium calculations, such as the premium portion of overtime)
  • Check all rates, discounts, fees, and surcharges to verify accuracy with original quotes and state filings.
  • Review experience modification rates and data sent to the rating bureau by the carrier.
  • Review subrogation, second injury fund, and other such claims for proper accounting in the Experience Rating.
  • Review all statistical reports from the Rating Bureau to confirm proper accounting, inclusion and exclusion of claims.
  • Examine classifications of companies and individuals.

Simple. Accurate. Risk-Free.

NUR’s unique approach requires minimal client involvement. We have a one-page audit agreement and a letter of authorization. Then, just send us copies of your most recent bills for every utility account and sit back and relax as our comprehensive offsite audit handles the rest. From analyzing historical usage for refundable overcharges to verifying contract discrepancies and removing unnecessary charges. We’ll provide you peace of mind in knowing that your invoices are 100% accurate and cost-efficient.

Simple and stress-free approach.


Get Started

To begin our workman's compensation audit, simply complete our audit agreement and authorization letter.

Information Collection

Upon signing of the contract please provide a copy of your audit bills and worksheets IF you have them easily accessible. If not, we used the letter of authority to obtain them from the carrier and or broker.

Findings Process

After we review the worksheets and bills we can decide if it makes any sense to move forward. If we do, we request a list of employees with job titles.

You're In Charge

If we find an error in the carrier's audits then we would request payroll data to support the corrections requested. This is typically the quarterly payroll report, payroll register etc.

Review Of Report

Revision report is then sent to client for their review and submission to the carrier.

Error Correction

Our team will assist in all follow-up work with the carrier and broker to ensure the discrepancies have been adjusted.

Tired of overpaying for worker's compensation insurance? We Can Help!

Worker’s compensation is a significant cost to your business. 85% of the audits we perform result in refunds equal to 12 to 15% of the reviewed premium! What do you have to lose?

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about worker’s compensation audits & refunds.

My broker works very closely with us on the workers compensation policy. How is it you can help?

Brokers that do get very involved in the worker’s compensation programs typically monitor claims activity. This can make our service more valuable because the more activity in the way of adjustments the greater the likelihood of an error in the modification calculations. The payroll audit aspect of our service is an area that 99.9% of all brokers do not get involved with at all. In fact, many brokers send a letter to the insured asking them to carefully review the audit because they have no way to verify its accuracy.

Our accounting firm reviews the workers compensation audits. Wouldn’t your efforts be redundant?

Our expertise is solely in the workers compensation arena and as such we are typically successful in spite of the efforts of numerous other professionals who may have a working knowledge of workers compensation, yet be unaware of certain rules that would save a company money.

I believe we just had an audit done?

By whom? What exactly did they do? Were they on-site to do an audit? Did they review the experience mod? Did you get a refund?  What was the error? Often times, they refer to having had it done they are referring to the annual carrier audit.  There is no risk in having our team review your workers’ compensation so if your business truly is 100% accurately billed, we can provide you with peace of mind with our audit report.